Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We know that you know that we know that...

You know, this post sort of feels juvenile. I mean, don't we already know that most Americans hate politicians. Oh well, here goes..

 Why do I tend to like reading some liberals better than the folks that lob stink bombs from the righty side of the aisle? Do liberal stink bombs smell better?  I read Mother Jones on occasion and I see an article that makes me think, "Aw, good for you buddy. You're not so deluded after all." Mother Jones and National Review both have plenty that makes want to vomit, but it's only the stupidity in National Review that gets on my nerves. Maybe, it's just that I think so-called conservatives should know better. OK, so my occasional appreciation for liberals is just vain condescension.

Well, anyhow I keep on voting R,  because while R is ambivalent towards the unborn, D actively works towards increasing the ease and rate at which we destroy the unborn.

And of course, while the R leadership is ambivalent with regards to religious freedom, the D leadership is actively hostile and opposed to it. There is actually more to my Republican leanings than that of course. At least in the past. Conservativism was tied to the idea of you know, conserving something which made it accessible for a more grass-roots level representation and decision making and at least some vague sense of subsidiarity. Maybe that was just a brief Russell Kirk phase we went through. I guess it's just sort of an abstract concept by the time you get to the state and national level. More and more our fixation is with the bigger, but somehow less relevant, elements of the party. Still, the idea of localism seemed to have abandoned the left a lot quicker than it did the right. As an  example, for all Michelle Obama's good intentions with food, she is bonkers if she thinks government can reform industry and jam a top down healthy eating revolution that will put a diet of real food on the plate of the average American.

But in terms of the Presidential election there is something really interesting going on here... It really looks like the left hates the idea of voting for their guy as much as we, on the right, are going to hate voting for our guy!

For example, you've got the truthout folks who are pretty horrified with how Bushy the Obama foreign policy looks.

More truthout fun: Jonathan Turley and John Cusack are stricken at King O and his absolute arrogant Constitutional Scholarly disregard for the Constitution...but they're pretty much going to vote for him anyway.

In the New Republic,  Paul Starr does some hand wringing over oligarchy gone wild, but it's disappointing that he's really only fretting that lefty oligarchy is running a little behind righty oligarchy and lefties need to encourage their oligarchs to do better. That's the spirit Paul. 

For the right, heavy handed top-down rule is a new thing. The Machine used the RNC convention as an opportunity to roll right over grass- roots and for Michelle Malkin, it was a pretty sad sight.  But that's how the DNC has always run things.

And of course everyone has reason to be ticked off at how brazen big money is getting with the party influence peddling free for all.

It comes to this for the left and right.
We know your party sucks and you know our party sucks.
We know our party sucks, (at least a lot of us do).
You know your party sucks, (at least a lot of you do).
Some of us know that you know your party sucks and vice versa.
Some of us know that you know that we know that you know your party sucks.
So...what's keeping us from getting together and just going around these turkeys and having a conversation that really matters?

Oh...that's right the culture wars. 

We both look at the thugs coming down the alley and say "I'll go with the villain on the left because the guy on the right has a club and that club is scary." Meanwhile, our buddy says, "I'll take the villain on the the right because the guy on the left has a machete and that machete is scary."
All those thugs have to do is use the language of "equality" and we will all step in line and vote for them to keep the other guys at bay.

But I'll give you thugs on the left a hint. The pro-lifers, well, we're not stupid. We know the thugs on the right are paying us barely more than lip service when it comes to defending life. We would drop them in a second if we had a better alternative. However, you lefties all but celebrate the mass killing of babies. There's all sorts of crazy out there but that level of insanity is just too much for us to stomach.

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