Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anarchy and Oligarchs!

Yeah, your Mom's an Anarchist!

The fun of reading Chesterton is his reveling in the seemingly absurd only to have it realized on further discussion as the pinnacle of sanity. For example, anarchy is held up as an ideal and routine is cautioned against. However, Chesterton is not rejecting order, but is instead calling for a higher order. He draws a picture in which aristocratic decadence devolves into boredom and the card trick that seems to go unnoticed is that while the oligarchy talks about preserving tradition, it is in reality blazing a trail of superstitious progress for the sake of progress. So it is the case that most revolutions are not the peoples’ revolution but are instead foisted on society by the insanely rich and the pathetically bored and it is the home and the family that ultimately suffers as they are set upon with an imposed and alien control.  

For Chesterton “the [aristocratic] sort of reform as routine is a failed proposal.” Instead, he proposes that what is needed is the wildness of the domicile and a healthy dose of feminine anarchy. This feminine anarchy would propose that “people should not be treated as the rule, but all of them as exceptions.” Chesterton hints at his framework for a Distributist antidote to landlords and usury that would craft a society of “monomaniacal” specialists who must realize success in one particular function by giving “his all.” Contrast the tyrannical world of the specialists with the home, which serves as the cultivator of wildness. We gain as sense of how the tragedy of the suffragette seems to be in the loss of herself as woman rather than any shackles of the household.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A King, a Lady and a Dragon...or a Good Man is Hard to Find

Man, I am sure glad to be married. And lucky too. Seriously, if I was my father-in-law and the 22 year old version of me asked to marry my daughter, (uh, that sounds weird but you know what I mean), it would have been a short conversation starting with "no" and ending with "because you're an idiot." And I would have been right too.

"It ain't me, it's the People that say"