Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Side Stories and Background in Libya

I guess it's always hard to discern specifics leading up to, during and after a riot. I think we've just about determined the events around the Boston Massacre, (although we have plenty of room for debate left). So, we've probably got some time, (maybe all the time in the world), before everything becomes clear regarding the violence in Libya and Egypt this week.

So the killings of four people during the attack on the American consulate in Libya were sparked by violence during an Egyptian protest? Hmmm. Probably, plenty more to the story there. But one of the things that got the Muslims in Egypt cranky enough to riot was a less than flattering portrayal of their prophet in a movie put out by a...California Land Developer, (huh, ?), but not funded by Coptic Christians.

And here is something interesting: Coptic Christians are actually protesting the movie as well.
So, who is the Maspero Youth Union?
Best take I can find was in an interview one of them gave an American writer living in Egypt. It's well worth the read. A couple of comments he made really struck me.
"The word ‘Copt’ means ‘Egypt’ etymologically, but yes, it is true we are working for Coptic rights. We are a Christian movement in what we work for, though, not in our composition. We have Muslim members, though they are a small percentage. Yet we do receive much spiritual support and encouragement from Muslims, as well as media support from personalities like Nabil Sharaf al-Din and Fatima Naout. It must also be mentioned that several Muslims came to defend our group when we were attacked."
"I reject the call for international protection because I will not risk the security of Egypt for my own security. Some Muslims hear ‘international protection’ and understand it to mean what is happening in Libya. These might then interpret that Copts are looking to make trouble, attack us, and this will harm the stability of Egypt."

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