Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crazy Doesn't Always Sell Well...but Even Crazy Can Latch on to a Few Grains of Truth

Earlier this week there was some discussion concerning the unhinged Left displaying a complete lack of common sense and common decency when it comes to free thought, free expression and open dialogue.

Here's a hint for the left: Screaming or getting nasty towards little kids, or really anyone, as if they are acceptable colatoral damage in the war for rights of any sort, well, that is itself a display of anti-person behavior. You know folks, that's what we call a contradiction and it makes your argument really hollow.

Here's another hint: The "F" word, while good for venting really isn't too effective for presenting a compelling and rational argument. Want to be heard? Don't cuss at or around little kids. It's just not effective for your argument.

Still, I was kind of intrigued so I went over and checked out the website of our baddie, Sunsara Taylor.
Hmmm, seems she fancies herself a bit of an American Pussy Riot.

Of course, Pussy Riot took on this guy

Sunsara is taking on this guy.

I would also add that there is a further distinction between Pussy Riot's protest and Sunsara at St. Patrick's. Pussy Riot was engaging in something called "Punk Prayer" which, while still irreverent, was an appeal for the Blessed Mother to help "drive Putin away." Was it "authentic" prayer? I don't know. But I can get on board with asking for prayers from the saints to keep Putin at bay, so to some degree I can also sort of empathize with Pussy Riot. Also, the Russian state has always been a bit more heavy handed about keeping a firm hold on the Orthodox Church, so as a political protest, the location they selected,  while insensitive at best, is still  a bit more relevant to their point. Now, of course the heavy handed Russian state has prosecuted the case as if PR was inciting religious hatred.While PR could be accused of religious ignorance or religious insensitivity, I think religious bigotry or religious hatred is a clear diversion that enables the Putin state to totally sidestep the real accusation being hurled directly at them. Meanwhile, Cardinal Dolan has his own challenges with our current administration in what is considered by some to be a heavy handed Statist approach to religious freedom in these here United States.   

I will say this about Sunsara's blog however...regarding "50 Shades of Grey" and pornography in general. It's about freaking, (note the substitute cuss), time!!! How the feminist movement went from Susan B. Anthony to Cosmopolitan Magazine is beyond me. Actually, it's not that hard to figure out really. I can tell you exactly what happened. Feminism was very quickly co-opted by Big-Pharma and other mass marketers who wanted to cash in on all the expensive unsexiness of an over sexed culture. Yeah, I mean the profiteers of the birth control pill, morning after pill and Phizer's pending viagra for women, (formerly referred to as Spanish Fly when I was in high school). That's right I watch Mad Men. Madison Avenue smelled opportunity big time with the inception of the sexual revolution. 

So to Sunsara, I say "good for you on being one of the few secular feminists to call out the sort of phoniness of liberated women who tolerate the sex industry." On the other hand, I'd really encourage you to take a less narrow view of what feminism is. You don't own feminism or have a lock on the voice of women. Clearly, there are a lot of women in the pro-life movement and you owe it to them to respect their voice and not just brush them aside as a mass of subjugated simpletons because that is the only response that fits your narrative. You have to look at the real women and the lives they have lived. Authentic feminism is actually a celebration and a defense of womanhood and you might want to look around for a broader,  more open take on feminism. Even better, before you go protesting bishops and popes I dare you to read what bishops and popes actually say about feminism. It's actually no big secret that Catholics are  pro-woman.

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