Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's a Rich Life...Prepare for Death

I'm trying to wrap up some irritating loose ends here at work before Christmas. It's somewhat tedious and I complain about it.
Frantic behavior from my corporate overlord executives who should know better than to try to control every jot and tittle of the machinations of upper, mid-level Federal bureaucrats.
Creating needless tension and stress for false deadlines and irrelevant projects.
Some of this is my own fault and I play my part in the torrent of vanities.

I'm nearing the "who cares" point.
It will all work out fine. Quite well, actually.
Let's go home and enjoy our families and friends and forget about all of this nonsense.

In spite of ourselves though, we're still fully the best possible sense. 

Meanwhile, I have a messy desk full of papers and unopened bills...and a few Christmas presents.
I was introduced to St. Alphonsus Ligouri earlier this year.
His reminder to simply remain in constant conversation with God came as a comfort. In the end, our only calling is real friendship with God.
A good friend happened to recommend St. Ligouri's "Preparation for Death."
This will be my first reading of 2013.
Interesting that my last book of 2012, which I am just finishing now, will be Francois Mauriac's "Viper's Tangle" in which the protagonist reflects on a life squandered in disproportionate affection for material goods and accrued resentments alongside a lack of real charity towards pretty much anyone he encountered along his life.

A household full of beautiful and noisy children and a good humored and radiant wife who loves me.
Good friends who I learn so much from and who constantly surprise with their heroism and joy.
The fullness of the liturgy and Christ in the Eucharist.
Oh and plenty of good holiday cheer from people who know me well...and still love me.
It is a rich life I've been given.

"It is true that I have offended Thee more than others, because I have been favored more than others with light and grace; but the Blood Thou hast shed for me gives me courage, and proffers pardon to me if I should repent. Yes, O my Sovereign Good, I do repent with my whole soul for having insulted Thee." - St. Ligouri.

Merry Christmas.

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