Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chumming the waters elsewhere

Facebook is a lousy forum for debate. Most people are there to just have fun. They want to see pictures of your kids or maybe just make fun of people behind their backs. Its sort of like a perpetual 20 year high school reunion, (at least for folks my age). You wouldn't really jump into the hot button topics at a gathering like that - not why most folks are there. Also, I still sort of think Facebook is mostly for girls...and girls just want to have fun. So, I'm going back to blogs as an outlet for trying out and developing my more outrageous thoughts. Also, it's better if you don't actually know your trolls.

So, off we go. You probably won't find a lot of new ideas here. God, Family, Community, the State. Yeah, there are some folks doing a pretty good job of  covering that already. Still, why let that stop me. Also, the other motivator for this is that I need to get better at writing. The best way to get experience is to jump on in. Or perhaps, it will quickly seem frivolous, tedious and unproductive. One way to find out...

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