Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm really going to try not to cheat on this blog and just repost other people's stuff... but doggone it, Shea has a point that I just don't think can be said too many times.

Bulverism explains how we can know that I oppose gay marriage due to homophobia, speak highly of Perry Lorenzo due to my suppressed homosexuality, will not vote for Romney due to my secret love of Obama, will not vote for Obama due to my racism, oppose torture due to my love of terrorism, oppose lying to Planned Parenthood due to my secret zeal for abortion, oppose abortion due to my intense misogyny, dislike the philosophy of Ayn Rand because of my Communist sympathies, hate Communism because of my contempt for the poor, oppose Radical Traditionalism because of my hatred of the Faith, love the Faith because of my hatred of Protestants, oppose Progressive Dissent because of my Reactionary hatred of Progress, dislike antisemitism because of my capitulation to Jewish subversives, criticize Israeli treatment of Palestinian Christians because of my hatred of Jews, support Just War theory because of my bellicose neocon sympathies, support Just War theory because I am a peacenik who wants America to lose, and like Magisterial teaching because I am a Reactionary who wishes to roll back Vatican II and a Liberal stooge who refuses to roll back Vatican II.

See, it's kind of simple folks. Similar is not same. Joint disagreement with one point is not nessecarily agreement on another. Nuance is not contradiction. Has culture always been this insane or we enlightened Moderns just exceptionally highly irrational? I think people have probably always been susceptible to lazy group-think its just that in an age of constant barrage of high intensity, high volume, highly stimulating mass-marketing we are easier and easier prey.

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